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Welcome To Eden Chiropractic

Dr. John Dabbs and Dr. John LeSueur are chiropractic physicians that has been serving patients in Eden and the surrounding area since 1996. They and the welcoming team at Eden Chiropractic are committed to taking care of each person’s unique needs, whether you are suffering from back or neck pain, muscle strains or headaches. You may be searching for relief after a sports injury, automobile accident or having difficulty with muscular tightness or posture issues. Even if you are just wanting to improve your overall health and wellness, Dr. Dabbs, Dr. LeSueur, and the wellness team can help you achieve your wellness goals!

At your first visit to Eden Chiropractic, Dr. Dabbs and Dr. LeSueur and our team will evaluate you to determine if our chiropractic and wellness solutions are the best fit for your needs and goals. If so we will customize a care plan specifically for you.

If you have not been to a Doctor of Chiropractic before, please call 336.627.7398 or email us so we may answer your questions and concerns.

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